These words, set forth in the Declaration of Independence, still ring true for us all today.  Even though we are all at different points in life, we face the same hurdles on our journey.  I support legislation that will increase the quality of that life by focusing on high-quality jobs, affordable healthcare, public health, veteran care, elder care, safe roads, clean drinking water, and access to education from preschool to college.  Often, legislators shy away from these difficult issues in favor of quick fixes due to special interest groups and the nature of partisan politics.  I know these issues are complex, but in order to improve the future for our children, we need to look past the next election cycle and make bi-partisan solutions that move past the gridlock.


The United States Constitution provides a framework for our social and political freedoms, but it has been left up to the states to truly define equality amongst races, genders, and orientations.   As a state legislator, I will fight for family rights, protections from discrimination, wage equality, religious liberty, and the separation of church and state.  For political freedom, nothing is more important than the right to vote.  As an elected Clerk I was in charge of running elections and will always be a champion of protections for voter rights.


Happiness is what gives meaning to the life and liberty we have.  Southwest Michigan has a unique abundance of land, air, and water which contributes to our livelihood and collective happiness by giving us business and recreational opportunities ranging from farming and hunting to fishing and swimming.  I understand the inherent value of our natural resources and I believe it is important to protect them for everyone’s benefit.  This is the proper sphere of government.  However, generally speaking, I believe in smaller government that does not interfere with our individual paths to happiness nor our access to information via a free and open internet and public libraries.